Innovation Lectures

The list of the invited lecturers and their topics (2013):


  • EL-SHAARAWI Abdel Hamid Mohamed, prof.
    Faculty of Agriculture, Mansoura University, EGYPT
    October, 2013
    M7StatEnv Statistical Inference with Environmental Applications
  • SCHIMEK Michael G., prof.
    Medical University of Graz, AUSTRIA
    November, 2013
    M9190 Regression, classification and statistical learning
  • VERDE Pablo Emilio, prof.
    University of Düsseldorf, GERMANY
    April, 2013
    M8BDA Bayesian Data Analysis with R and BUG


  • BAKIS Volcan, prof.
    Akdeniz University Faculty of Sciences, Antalya, TURKEY
    December, 2013
    IC096 From variable stars to open clusters
  • CAMERON David C., prof.
    Lappeenranta University of Technology, FINLAND
    December, 2013
    F9876 Plasma spectroscopy, sources, modelling and deposition
  • COSTIN Claudiu, Dr.
    Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Faculty of Physics, ROMANIA
    December, 2013
    F9876 Plasma sources for material processing
  • FELDMEIER Achim, prof.
    University of Potsdam, GERMANY
    November, 2013
    FA891 Hydrodynamic waves with complex function theory
  • KERSTEN Holger, prof.
    Christian-Albrechts University, Kiel, GERMANY
    October, 2013
    FB555 Complex plasma diagnostics
  • KIM Young Dong, prof.
    Kyung Hee University, Seoul, KOREA
    December, 2013
    IC111 Ellipsometric studies of nanostructures and organic materials
  • ORTS Julien, Dr.
    December, 2013
    IC112 NMR Molecular Replacement
  • PAILLOL Jean-Hugues, prof.
    Université de Pau et des pays de ĺAdour (UPPA), FRANCE
    December, 2013
    F9876 Negative corona unter DC and nanosecond voltage pulse, back corona, streamer modelling
  • SIRENKO Andrei, prof.
    New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
    November, 2013
    IC097 Far-infrared spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements of bi-anisotropic materials using synchrotron light source
    IC098 Modelling of Mueller matrices for Magneto-electric materials and thin films
  • STANCU Gabi Daniel, Dr.
    Ecole Centrale Paris, FRANCE
    December, 2013
    F9876 Plasma spectroscopic diagnostics
  • STEPANOW Sebastian, Dr.
    May, 2013
    IC089 Supramolecular chemistry at surfaces: Self-assembly, characterization and properties
  • TACCOGNA Francesco, Dr.
    Institute of Inorganic Methodologies and Plasmas (CNR-IMIP), ITALY
    December, 2013
    F9876 Plasma Virtual Lab by Particles


  • DOMINE Florent, Dr.
    Université Laval, Quebec, CANADA
    December, 2013
    IC094 Snow in a changing environment: Interactions with climate and ecosystems
  • HAMACEK Josef, prof.
    University of Orlean, Paris, FRANCE
    October, 2013
    IC093 Lanthanides as chameleons of coordination chemistry
  • LOHMANN Rainer, prof.
    University of Rhode Island, Kingston, USA
    May, 2013
    IC090 Fate and effects of emerging pollutants in oceans
  • MEHRING Michael, prof.
    Technische Universität Chemnitz, GERMANY
    November, 2013
    IC095 Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Metal Oxide-Based Hybrid Materials
  • NAU Werner, prof.
    Jasobs University, Bremen, GERMANY
    April, 2013
    IC088 Supramolecular Chemistry in Water
  • PERUTKA Jiří, Dr.
    Texas University, Austin, TEXAS
    October, 2013
    XD107 Biological Sequence Analysis
  • S. VARMA Rajender, Dr.
    United States Environmental Protection Agency,Cincinnati, USA
    November, 2013
    XD107 Greener Synthesis Using Sustainable Nanomaterials
  • SIMONETTI Antonio, Dr.
    University of Notre Dame, Indiana,USA
    December, 2013
    IC092 Laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry in the analysis of geological and related materials
  • WIRZ Jakob, prof.
    University of Basel, SWITZERLAND
    April, 2013
    IC087 Quantification and Analysis of Acid- and Base-Catalysis in Organic Reactions


  • KHAN Naim Akhtar, prof.
    1 Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, FRANCE
    May, 2013
    IC054 Special neurobiology


  • BROOKS Daniel Rusk, prof.
    University of Nebraska, USA
    December, 2013
    IC101 Climate Change, Biodiversity and Emerging Disease: Carpe Diem for Parasitology
    IC102 Oscillations, Fittings and Pulses: Resolving the Parasite Paradox
  • CASAS-TINTO Sergio, Dr.
    Instituto Cajal, Madrid, SPAIN
    January, 2013
    Bi9903 Cell polarity, cell competition and cancer development
  • DENEV Petko, Dr.
    Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, BULGARIA
    May, 2013
    IB050 Bioavailability and Antioxidant Activity of Black Chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa) Polyphenols: in vitro and in vivo Evidences and Possible Mechanisms of Action
  • DENHAM MARK, prof.
    Danish Research Institute of Translational Neuroscience, Aarhus University, DENMARK
    December, 2013
    Bi9903 Vývojová fyziologie živočichů I
  • DIRKS Wendy, Dr.
    School of Dental Sciences, Newcastle University, UNITED KINGDOM
    November, 2013
    Bi1952 Life History and Dental Histology
  • FERÁK Vladimír, assoc. prof.
    Comenius University, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
    October, 2013
    Bi9325 Molekulární genetika člověka
  • GABRIELSEN Odd Stokke, Dr.
    University of Oslo, NORWAY
    September, 2013
    IB052 c-Myb - transcription factor, oncoprotein and epigenetic organizer - studying function through networks
  • HUFFMAN Michael Alan, prof.
    Kyoto University, JAPAN
    December, 2013
    IC108 Evolution of self-medicative strategies in animals
    IC109 Behavioral traditions in primates
    IC110 A study of monkey malaria in Vietnam
  • KUČEROVÁ Zuzana, Dr.
    Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta, USA
    December, 2013
    IC103 Balamuthia mandrillaris fatal case - a serological study
    IC104 The use of proteomics in parasitic diseases
  • LILIUS Esa-Matti, prof.
    University of Turku, FINLAND
    April, 2013
    IB049 Toxtest - testing the toxicity of dust from damaged buildings
  • MUEHLENBEIN Michael, P., prof.
    Indiana University Bloomington, USA
    December, 2013
    IC105 Primate Tourism
    IC106 Primate Evolutionary Endocrinology and Immunology
    IC107 Primates and Emerging Infectious Diseases
  • NEWTON Phillip, Dr.
    Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, SWEDEN
    December, 2013
    Bi9903 Vývojová fyziologie živočichů I
  • RASSKAZOVA Anna, Dr.
    Russian Academy of Science, RUSSIA
    November, 2013
    Bi9126 Antropologická rekonstrukce podoby podle lebky
  • SERRANO Manuel, prof.
    Spanish National Cancer Center, Madrid, SPAIN
    April, 2013
    IB051 New frontiers in cellular reprogramming
  • SURES Bernd Wilhelm, prof.
    University of Duisburg - Essen, GERMANY
    December, 2013
    IC099 Ecology meets human health: how anthropogenic impact affect the distribution and abundance of parasites
    IC100 Environmental parasitology: combining the molecular with the ecosystem perspective
  • VESELOVSKAYA Elizaveta, Dr.
    Russian Academy of Science, RUSSIA
    November, 2013
    Bi9126 Antropologická rekonstrukce podoby podle lebky


  • KONRAD-SCHMOLKE Matthias, Dr.
    University of Potsdam, GERMANY
    December, 2013
    GI181 Constraints on slab dehydration and the global water cycle from combined thermodynamic and trace element modelling


  • BANDROVA Temenoujka, prof.
    University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia, BULGARIA
    December, 2013
    IZ039 Bulgarian Cartography: From Paper To Virtual Reality
  • KAINZ Wolfgang, prof.
    Institut für Geographie und Regionalforschung, Universität Wien, AUSTRIA
    November, 2013
    IZ037 New trends in Cartography and GIS
  • LIRIO Juan Manuel, Dr.
    Instituto Antártico Argentino, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
    October, 2013
    Z0135 Paleoclimatic importance of the Antarctic continent
  • LUTERBACHER Jürg, prof.
    Justus-Liebig-University, Giessen, GERMANY
    October, 2013
    IZ036 IPCC - climate reconstructions
  • PETKOV Boyan, Dr.
    Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, Italian National Research Council, Bologna, ITALY
    December 2013
    IZ038 Solar UV radiation and ozone distribution in the atmosphere
  • REUDER Joachim, prof.
    University of Bergen, NORWAY
    March, 2013
    IZ035 New methods and techniques for atmospheric research and wind energy utilization

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