Innovation Lectures

The list of the invited lecturers and their topics (2015):


  • BOLDIN Barbara, prof.
    University of Primorska, SLOVENIA
    October, 2015
    M9ADyn Adaptive dynamics and its applications
  • FILZMOSER Peter, prof.
    Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, AUSTRIA
    April, 2015
    M8ASM Advanced Statistical Methods for Regression and Classification
  • KOSSOVSKIY Ilya, Dr.
    University of Vienna, AUSTRIA
    May, 2015
    M8GADE Geometric aspects of the analytic theory of differential equations
  • WEISS Michael, prof. Dr.
    Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, GERMANY
    May, 2015
    MAPha Mathematical Modelling of Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Systems
  • ZEIDAN Vera, prof.
    Michigan State University, USA
    May, 2015
    M8LOCT Linear optimal control theory


  • BORMASHENKO Edward, prof.
    Ariel University, IZRAEL
    November, 2015
    F9876 New Investigations of Cold Plasmas, Wetting of Real Surfaces: Achievements and Challenges
  • KOGELSCHATZ Ulrich, prof.
    April, 2015
    F9876 Thermal plasmas and Corona discharges
    F9876 Dielectric barrier discharges and Surface discharges and microplasmas
  • KOTILAINEN Minna, Dr.
    University of Helsinki, FINLAND
    December, 2015
    F9876 HfO2 and HfNx diffusion barrier coatings by ALD
  • MALLETT Benjamin, Dr.
    Université de Fribourg, Fribourg, SWITZERLAND
    November, 2015
    IC148 Semiconductor-Piezoelectric Quantum-Dot Devices for Quantum Networking
  • PUAČ Nevena, prof.
    Institute of Physics, Belgrade, SERBIA
    June, 2015
    F9876 Plasma physics - invited lectures
  • RAMSAY Suzanne, Dr.
    European Southern Observatory, Garching, GERMANY
    September, 2015
    FC010 Future observatories and facilities
  • TROTTA Rinaldo, Dr.
    Johannes Kepler University Linz, AUSTRIA
    November, 2015
    IC147 Single and Entangled Photons from Semiconductor Quantum Dots
    IC148 Semiconductor-Piezoelectric Quantum-Dot Devices for Quantum Networking
  • WANG Chennan, Dr.
    University fo Fribourg, SWITZERLAND
    October - December, 2015
    F7571 Experimentální metody a speciální praktikum B 1
  • VEPŘEK Stanislav, prof. Dr.
    Technische Universität München, GERMANY
    March, 2015
    F9876 Nanosciences and Nanotechnology: Why, When and How
    F9876 The Recent Search for New Superhard Materials: Go Nano!
    F9876 Superhard and Ultrahard Nanocomposites: Concept for Their Design, Preparation, Properties and Application


  • BOOIJ Petra, Dr.
    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
    November, 2015
    C8610 Analytická chemie životního prostředí - organické polutanty
  • CODLING Garry, Dr.
    Toxicology Center, University of Saskatchewan, CANADA
    August, 2015
    IC139 PFCs environmental fate and persistence
  • COVACI Adrian, Dr.
    Toxicological Center, University of Antwerp, BELGIUM
    May, 2015
    IC134 Human exposure to BFRs and PFRs and other emerging (indoor) contaminants
    IC135 Sewage epidemiology of illicit drugs
  • KALLENBORN Roland, prof.
    Norwegian University of Life Sciences, As, NORWAY
    April, 2015
    IC132 Method requirements for ultra trace analysis of organic pollutants in Polar environments
  • MIHOMILOVIĆ Marko, prof.
    Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, AUSTRIA
    March, 2015
    IC130 Modern Methods in Synthetic Chemistry
  • PEŇA MENDÉZ Eladia Maria, Dr.
    University of La Laguna, Tenerife, SPAIN
    February, 2015
    C8824 Optimization of Experiments using Experimental Design and Artificial Neural Networks in Science
  • POZO Karla Andrea, Dr.
    University of Sienna, ITALY
    November, 2015
    C4320 Chemie životního prostředí III - Zdroje znečištění, složky prostředí a jejich znečištění - hydrosféra, pedosféra, biosféra
  • SALVADO Victoria, prof.
    University of Girona, Girona, SPAIN
    February, 2015
    IC128 Green strategies for sample treatment in environmental analysis
  • WACHTVEITL Josef, prof.
    Goethe Universität, Frankfurt, GERMANY
    November, 2015
    IC144 Optical spectroscopy - Time resolved methods to study molecular dynamics and function
  • WIRZ Jakob, prof.
    University of Basel, SWITZERLAND
    June, 2015
    IC137 A Random Walk Through the History of Chemistry


  • PEZHMAN Zarabadi Poor, Dr.
    University of Tehran, IRAN
    December, 2015
    IC150 Nanostructured materials: Introduction, Synthesis, Characterization and Application
  • SHAHBAZIAN Shant, prof.
    Shahid Behesti University, Tehran, IRAN
    February, 2015
    IC129 Quantum Theory of Atoms in Molecules


  • GOROSTIZA Axel Ezequiel, Dr.
    University of Regensburg, Regensburg, GERMANY
    March, 2015
    IC131 Exploring Drosophila Behavior in Laboratory
  • KIEWRA Dorota, Ph.D.
    University of Wroclaw, POLAND
    April, 2015
    IC133 The vector role of ticks in Poland, with a particular focus on Ixodes ricinus and Borrelia burgdorferi s.l. in Lower Silesia
  • MATTHEWS Jason, prof.
    University of Oslo, NORWAY
    December, 2015
    IC146 The Intriguing World of AhR and Estrogen Receptor Crosstalk
  • MAYROSE Itay, Dr.
    University of Tel Aviv, IZRAEL
    November, 2015
    IC145 A phylogenetic framework to investigate the evolutionary consequences of polyploidy on plant evolution
  • PRUITT Jonathan, Dr.
    University of Pittsburgh, USA
    August, 2015
    i7 Evolutionary origins and ecological consequences of individual variation


  • DILL Harald, prof.
    BGR, Hannover, GERMANY
    May, 2015
    GI213 Mineral deposits and geology of the Oberpfalz
  • SÄÄV Niklas, Dr.
    Aranz Geo, SWEDEN
    June, 2015
    GI214 Leapfrog Geo Fundamentals Training


  • GRIFFIN Amy, Dr.
    University of New South Wales, Canberra, AUSTRALIA
    November, 2015
    Z9110 Visualizing Attribute Uncertainty in the ACS: An Empirical Study of Decision-Making with Urban Planners
  • LIU Ping, prof.
    Chinese Academy of Governance, Peking, CHINA
    December, 2015
    IZ044 Risk Management in China
  • MIKAMI Takehiko, prof.
    Teikyo University, Tokyo, JAPAN
    April, 2015
    IZ043 Climate and natural disasters in Japan

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