Innovation Lectures 2017

The list of the invited lecturers and their topics (2017):


  • APANASOV Boris, prof.
    Oklahoma State University, USA
    September + October, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Complex hyperbolic geometry and deformations of real hyperbolic structures
  • HILGER Stefan, prof.
    Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, GERMANY
    October, 2017
    INNOLEC_II $p$-deformation
  • ŠEVČOVIĆ Daniel, prof.
    FMFI Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
    October, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Nonlinear evolutionary partial differential equations, theory, methods and their applications in financial mathematics
  • ZAITSEV Dmitri, prof.
    Trinity College Dublin, IRELAND
    September + October, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Geometry meets subelliptic multiplier ideals


  • BRITUN Nikolay, prof.
    Université de Mons, FRANCE
    November, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Spectroscopy-based techniques for plasma diagnostics and their applications
    The time-resolved imaging of the ground state particles in the high-power pulsed magnetron sputtering discharges
    The application of plasma diagnostics to understand the greenhouse gas decomposition in microwave plasma
    Characterization of the atmospheric plasma sources by laser-based diagnostic techniques
  • COLOMBO Vittorio, prof.
    Universita di Bologna, ITALY
    November, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Endodontic and restorative dental treatments, disinfection
  • FROEHLICH Maik, Dr.
    University of Greifswald, GERMANY
    October, 2017
    INNOLEC_II HiPIMS and Plasma Based Ion Implantation (PBII) - an interesting combination
    Atmospheric pressure plasmas for surface modification - applications, trends and new developments
  • FRICKE Katja, Dr.
    Liebnitz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology, GERMANY
    October, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Creating Biointerfaces - Plasma modified surfaces for tailoring cell-surface interactions 
    Atmospheric Pressure Plasma-based generation of antimicrobial surface properties - Deposition of copper films and release coatings 
  • GHERARDI Matteo, Dr.
    Universita di Bologna, ITALY
    November, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Cold atmospheric plasma processing of materials for biomedical and industrial applications
    Cancer cell treatment and agricultural applications
  • GUERRA Vasco, prof.
    Technical University of Lisbon, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
    March, 2017
    INNOLEC Deterministic and Kinetic Monte Carlo models for surface kinetics
    Unravelling vibrational excitation in molecular gases
  • GUITELLA Olivier, Dr.
    Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, FRANCE
    September, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Phenomenological behavior of Corona and Dielectric Barrier Discharges
    Atmospheric pressure plasma jets interaction with surfaces
  • JOGI Indreg, Dr.
    University of Tartu, ESTONIA
    December, 2017
    INNOLEC_II The use of non-self-sustained Townsend discharge device in the studies of reduced electric field strength dependence of plasma processes
    Plasma and catalyst for the removal of nitrogen-oxides
  • KHALIULLIN Giniyat, Dr.
    Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart, GERMANY
    December, 2017
    INNOLEC_II TSoft-spins and Higgs mode in ruthenates
  • KROUPA Pavel, prof.
    German Observatory, Bonn, GERMANY
    November, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Dense systems and star clusters
  • KUTASI Kinga, prof.
    Hungarian Academy of Sciences, HUNGARY
    October, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Application of low temperature plasmas in biomedicine and agriculture
  • LIU Huimei, Dr.
    Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart, GERMANY
    December, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Pseudospin exchange interactions in d7 cobalt compounds: Possible realization of the Kitaev model
  • PEI Yutao, prof.
    University of Groningen, NETHERLAND
    September, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Tribology of protective thin films
    Dynamic smoothening/roughening of sputter deposited thin films
    Flexible DLC films coated rubbers
  • PU Yi-Kang, prof.
    Tsinghua University, Beijing, CHINA
    May, 2017
    INNOLEC Our experiences on OES diagnostics for low temperature argon discharges
    Three stories on plasma diagnostics
  • STAMATE Eugen, prof.
    Technical University of Denmark, Kgs. Lyngby, DENMARK
    November, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Applications of atmospheric pressure plasmas for bacterial inactivation and NOx reduction
    Thin films for energy conversion and storage devices: status and perspective
  • VITELARU Catalin, Dr.
    National Institute for Optoelectronics - ReCAST Center, ROMANIA
    October, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Laser based diagnostics in magnetron sputtering discharges:
    Part 1: Basic principles and application to steady state discharges
    Part2 : Temporal and spatial description of HiPIMS


  • BROOKS Bryan W., prof.
    Baylor University, Texas, USA
    September, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Perspectives on Urbanization and Contaminants of Emerging Concern
  • EDER Dominik, prof. Dr.
    Technische Universität Wien, Vienna, AUSTRIA
    April, 2017
    INNOLEC Design strategies for functional nanocarbon-inorganic hybrid photocatalysts
  • HERRICK Jeffrey D., Dr.
    United States Environmental Protection Agency, USA
    November, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Air pollution effects on ecosystems: Science informing U.S. EPA ecological risk and policy assessments
  • IENCO Andreu, prof.
    Italian National Council for Research - Institute for the Chemistry of Organo-Metallic Compounds, ITALY
    November, 2017
    INNOLEC_II The Renaissance of Black Phosphorus: Phosphorene and its Functionalization
  • JAKUBOWSKI Norbert, Dr.
    Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM), GERMANY
    October, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Method development for metal detection at cellular levels
    Immuno-assay and metal stain development for application in LA-ICP-MS
  • KASKI Saara, Dr.
    University of Jyväskylä, FINLAND
    December, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Focus in students – Research-based chemistry education at University of Jyväskylä
    Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy - direct chemical analysis of solid samples
  • LOHMANN Rainer, prof. Dr.
    University of Rhode Island, Kingston, USA
    June, 2017
    INNOLEC Passive sampling of legacy and emerging POPs in the Great Lakes
  • MÖSCH-ZANETTI Nadia Carmen, prof.
    Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, AUSTRIA
    October, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Applied Catalysis
  • PACYNA Jozef M., prof.
    AGH University of Science and Technology, POLAND
    November, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Mercury as a Global Pollutant
  • PRODROMIDIS Mamas I., prof.
    University of Ioannina, GREECE
    December, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Analytical utility of “green” sparked metal nanoparticles modified screen printed electrodes
  • SALVADO Victoria de Los Angeles Martin, prof.
    University of Girona, SPAIN
    October, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Biologically-based water reclamation systems.
    INNOQUA: an innovative bio-based modular water treatment system.
  • VALIENTE Manuel Malmagro, prof.
    University Autonoma of Barcelona, SPAIN
    October, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Characterization of Selenium Enrichment in Plants by Synchrotron Techniques to Develop Functional Foods
  • VILLENEUVE Daniel, Dr.
    United States Environmental Protection Agency, Minnesota, USA
    November, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Adverse Outcome Pathways - Development and Applications
  • WIRZ Jakob, prof.
    University of Basel, SWITZERLAND
    October, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Guidelines for the prediction of photochemical reactions


  • BALCAR Vladimír J., prof.
    University of Sydney, AUSTRALIA
    September, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Special neurobiology
  • GARCIA Sonia, Dr.
    Institut Botànic de Barcelona (IBB-CSIC), Barcelona, SPAIN
    November, 2017
    INNOLEC_II To be (concerted) or not to be: molecular evolution of ribosomal RNA genes in the sunflower family
  • GOSWAMI Nandu, prof.
    Institute of Physiology, Medical University of Graz, AUSTRIA
    December, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Spaceflight and Geriatrics
  • KHAN Naim Akhtar, prof.
    1 Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, FRANCE
    December, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Taste for fat: the 6th taste modality and obesity
  • ŠEGOTA Suzana, Dr.
    Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, CROATIA
    November, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Tuning the membrane elasticity by the ionic strength of surrounding media


  • CARRERAS Hebe, prof.
    National University of Cordoba, Cordoba, ARGENTINA
    November, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Lichens as bioindicators of environmental pollution
  • MOLNÁR Zsolt, prof.
    MTA Centre for Ecological Research, Institute of Ecology and Botany, Vácrátót, HUNGARY
    March, 2017
    INNOLEC Course on Traditional Ecological Knowledge
  • NEKOLA Jeffrey Clark, Dr.
    University of New Mexiko, Albuquerque, USA
    November, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Statistical Dynamics of Macroecology
  • PETERSEN Julian, prof.
    Medical University, Vienna, AUSTRIA
    May, 2017
    INNOLEC Defining the diversity of neural crest cells with single cell transcriptomics approach
  • PUECHMAILLE Sebastien, prof.
    University of Greifswald, GERMANY
    October, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Mechanisms of speciation and extinction: insights from a diverse Mammalian order (Bats)
  • RICHARDSON Des R., prof.
    Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney, AUSTRALIA
    April, 2017
    INNOLEC Iron and Cancer: Can we build a New Type of Anti-Cancer Drug?
    How do Cytotoxic Macrophages Kill Tumour Cells? NO is Involved!
    Friedreich’s Ataxia: Iron, Oxidative Stress and Nrf2 – Can we Develop a Therapy?
  • SCHINDLER Maria, Dr.
    Nationalpark Donau-Auen GmbH, AUSTRIA
    November, 2017
    INNOLEC_II 20 years of the European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis) conservation in Austria
  • SCHNEIDER Jutta, prof.
    University of Hamburg, GERMANY
    May, 2017
    INNOLEC Sexual cannibalism and sexual conflict in spiders
  • SCHNELL Sylvia, prof.
    Justus-Liebig University Giessen, GERMANY
    October, 2017
    INNOLEC_II The relevance of microorganisms of the domain Archaea for biotechnology


  • FEDORTCHOUK Yana, prof.
    Dalhousie University, CANADA
    November, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Diamond as a messenger from the Earth’s interior: natural samples and experiment
  • WIRTH Richard, Dr.
    GFZ Potsdam, GERMANY
    December, 2017
    INNOLEC_II Applications of FIB/TEM in Geosciences


  • CARRIVICK Jonathan L., Dr.
    University of Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM
    May, 2017
    INNOLEC Short-term geomorphological evolution of proglacial systems
  • MÜLLER Carsten V., Dr.
    Technical University of Munich, GERMANY
    May, 2017
    INNOLEC How to unravel the chemical composition and distribution of soil organic matter in polar ecosystems

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