Innovation Lectures 2018

The list of the invited lecturers and their topics (2018):


  • SOUKHOV Alexander, prof.
    ----------, RUSSIA
    April, 2018
    ... Invitation to pseudoholomorphic curves
  • VERDE Pablo Emilio, prof.
    University of Düsseldorf, GERMANY
    April, 2018
    MAIBDA An Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis


  • BECKER Markus, Dr.
    Leibniz-Institut für Plasmaforschung und Technologie, GERMANY
    May, 2018
    ... Hydrodynamic modelling of non-thermal plasmas
    Fluid modelling analysis of dielectric barrier discharges at atmospheric pressure


  • DIAMOND Miriam Leah, prof.
    University of Toronto, CANADA
    April, 2018
    ---- Organophosphate esters: what does your mobile phone tell us?
    Human Exposure to pollutants
  • DUNNE Philip, Dr.
    Queens University Belfast, UNITED KINGDOM
    May, 2018
    ---- The clinical utility of molecular stratification in colorectal cancer
  • PEŇA MENDÉZ Eladia Maria, Dr.
    University of La Laguna, Tenerife, SPAIN
    July, 2018
    ----Graphenes - Exciting nano-materials with wide applications in Science and Technology
  • PEREZ TRUJILLO Juan Pedro, prof.
    Universidad de La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, SPAIN
    June, 2018
    ---- Chemical characterization of wines; analysis; wine quality
  • TORRES DARIAS Nestor Vincente, prof.
    Universidad de la Laguna, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, SPAIN
    June, 2018
    ---- .....
  • VAZQUEZ Maio Victor, prof.
    Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia
    June, 2018
    ... Electrochemical sensor as an analytical tool in material and energetic waste recovery
  • WIRZ Jakob, prof.
    University of Basel, SWITZERLAND
    May, 2018
    IC160 Three lectures on transient spectroscopy and kinetics


  • HELIKAR Tomas, prof.
    University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
    May, 2018
    IC178 Systems Dynamics of Biological Networks through Computational Modeling


  • GREEN Jeremy, prof.
    King's College London, UNITED KINGDOM
    September, 2018
    ---- Epithelial bending for organ formation: forces, molecular signals, and novel ensemble cell behaviours
  • HUBER Harald, Dr.
    University of Regensburg, GERMANY
    September, 2018
    ---- Some like it hot: microbiol life in extreme environments
  • MORAND Serge, Dr.
    Kasetsart University, Bangkok, THAILAND
    May, 2018
    ---- ------
  • NEKOLA Jeffrey Clark, Dr.
    University of New Mexiko, Albuquerque, USA
    April, 2018
    Bi6801 Universal Diversity or How Much Ecology Really Underlies Community and Macroecology?
  • PANÁKOVÁ Daniela, Dr.
    Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, SRN
    June, 2018
    ---- ----
  • RITZ Thorsten, prof.
    University of California Irvine, USA
    May, 2018
    ... Quantum Biology
  • SANTIBANEZ Juan Francisco, Dr.
    University of Belgrade, SERBIA
    September, 2018
    ... Interleuktin-17 inhibits myoblasts differentiation: A complicity with extracellula matrx proteases expression
  • TUCKER Abigail S., prof.
    King's College London, UNITED KINGDOM
    September, 2018
    ... Development of the human ear canal sheds light on external ear defects in patients
  • VERLHAC Marie-Hélene, Dr.
    Collège de France, Paris, FRANCE
    September, 2018
    ... Active fluctuations modulate gene expression in mouse embryos
  • WOLZ Christiane, prof.
    University of Tübingen, GERMANY
    May, 2018
    ... ...


  • NAZDALA Lutz, prof.
    University of Vienna, AUSTRIA
    February, 2018
    ... New advances in micro-spectroscopy: Radiation damage in accessory minerals, diamond, ion-irradiation experiments
    Gem materials in mineralogical research: Field work and analytical studies
  • PEARCE Julian, prof.
    Cardiff University, UNITED KINGDOM
    May, 2018
    ... Modelling of trace element behaviour in igneous systems


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