Courses in English

Autumn 2018

Courses lectured in English offered to international incoming students by MU, Faculty of Science - AUTUMN SEMESTER

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  • Study level: Recommended for B = bachelor, N = master, D = doctoral [General if no specific recommendation is indicated]
  • CFC = Additional credits for completion

Department of Anthropology

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
Bi7653Anthropological Project for Erasmus Students8

Department of Biochemistry

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
C7270Structural biology methodsN3 + CFC
C7271Structural biology methods practicalN2 + CFC
C7861Plant BiochemistryD, N2 + CFC

Department of Botany and Zoology

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
Bi9666Plant Ecology Lab MeetingD, N1 + CFC

Department of Condensed Matter Physics

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
F7301Elementary excitation in solids2 + CFC

Department of Experimental Biology

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
Bi0011Masaryk University Life Sciences SeminarN2 + CFC
Bi6140cEmbryology - practicalB,N,D2+CFC
Bi9500General MicrobiologyN2
Bi0077English for Plant BiologistsN1+CFC
Bi0077cEnglish for Plant Biologists - practiceN1
Bi0078Advanced English for Plant BiologistsN1+CFC
Bi0078cAdvanced English for Plant Biologists - practiceN1

Department of Geography

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
Z8210Introduction to spatial data infrastuctures in EuropeN4
ZX601Urban climatology6
ZX602Reconstruction of the past climate and environmental changes from different proxy data6
ZX603Past, Present and Future Changes of the Cryosphere6
ZX800Environment and Society3

Department of Geological Sciences

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
GE501Project worksB, N, D30
GI001Modern techniques in geology - invited lecturesB, D, N2

Department of Chemistry

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
ENV006Statistical Thinking and Data Treatment3
C5150Trends in Analytical ChemistryD, N2 + CFC
C5500Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds N2 + CFC
C5510Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds-seminar N1 + credit for completion
C6180Advanced laboratory course in organic chemistry5
C7410Structure and reactivity1
C7415 Structure and reactivity - seminar1
C7780Inorganic Materials ChemistryN2 + CFC
C7895Mass Spectrometry of Biomolecules, only in even yearsD, N2 + CFC
C8102Special methods - laboratory5
C8780Organic PhotochemistryN2 + CFC
C8783Ice-Photochemical Group Meeting1
C8845Theoretical Aspects of Analytical ChemistryD, N2
C9540Introduction to Computational Quantum ChemistryB, D, N4 + CFC
C9553Molecular Simulations of Metal-Organic FrameworksN2 + CFC

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
M7130Computational geometryN2 + CFC
MB141Seminar from algebraD2
MB143Seminar from ordered structuresD2

Department of Physical Electronics

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
F9876Plasma physics - invited lecturesB,N,D1
FB041Seminar on plasma deposition and material characterizationB,N,D1
FB100Plasma chemical processesB,N,D2
XS451aCommunication skills train. 2B,N,D2

Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
F5510Analytical mechanics2 + CFC
F7040Quantum electrodynamicsB2 + CFC
F9888High Energy Astrophysics2 + CFC
F9889Active Galactic Nuclei2 + CFC
FA221Open problems of physics of stellar atmospheres and winds1

National Centre for Biomolecular Research (NCBR)

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
C4866Scientific knowledge and thinkingB,N,D2 + CFC
C5320Theoretical Concepts of Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceN, D2 + CFC
C7023Separation Methods AB, N2 + CFC
C7942Bioanalytics I - BiomacromoleculesD, N2 + CFC
C7995Practical NMR Spectroscopy of Biomolecules2 + CFC
C9086Protein-RNA seminarN1 + CFC
C9950Seminar of the Dept. Functional Genomics and Proteomics, in EnglishB, D, N2
CB060NCBR seminarN2 + CFC
CG910ProteomicsD, N2 + CFC
CG920GenomicsD, N2 + CFC
S1001Chemical properties, structure and interactions of nucleic acids3 + CFC
S1002Chemical properties, structure and interactions of nucleic acids – practical course2 + CFC
S1003Structural and molecular biology of RNA2 + CFC
S1004Methods for structural characterization of biomolecules2 + CFC
S2002Methods in plant cytogenetics and cytogenomics I. - practical course2 + CFC
S2004Methods for characterization of biomolecular interactions – classical versus modern2 + CFC
S2005Methods for characterization of biomolecular interactions – classical versus modern, practice1 + CFC
S3001Trends in bioanalytical instrumentation2 + CFC
S4001International performanceD2 + CFC
S4002Law, ethics and philosophy of scienceD2 + CFC

Research Centre for Toxic Compounds in the Environment (RECETOX)

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
Bi2003Ecotoxicology2 + CFC
Bi5444Analysis of sequencing data2 + CFC
Bi6882Biomarkers and toxicity mechanismsN2 + CFC
C2003Environmental chemistry2 + CFC
C5911Chromatographic MethodsB, N2 + CFC
C8621Trends and advances in atmospheric and total environmental chemistry2 + CFC

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