Courses in English

Spring 2019

Courses lectured in English offered to international incoming students by MU, Faculty of Science - SPRING SEMESTER

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  • Study level: Recommended for B = bachelor, N = master, D = doctoral [General if no specific recommendation is indicated]
  • CFC = Additional credits for completion

Department of Anthropology

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
Bi7654Anthropological Project for Erasmus Students, in EnglishB,N,D8
Bi9100Ergonomics and Applied AnthropologyN,D3

Department of Botany and Zoology

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
Bi8370Conservation BiologyN,D2+CFC
Bi6691Botanical excursion abroadB,N,D3
Bi6050Introduction to Biostatistics in EnglishB,N,D2 + CFC
Bi0667Plant Ecology Lab Meeting - for student of Botanics onlyN,D1 + CFC
Bi0710Case studies in Nature ConservationB,N2

Department of Condensed Matter Physics

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
F8390Metalloproteins: structure and function, in EnglishN1 + CFC

Department of Experimental Biology

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
Bi0011Masaryk University Life Sciences SeminarN2 + CFC
Bi6140cenEmbryology - practicalB,N,D2+CFC
Bi0078Advanced English for Plant BiologistsN1+CFC
Bi0078cAdvanced English for Plant Biologists - practiceN1
Bi7032enPhysiology of ArchaeaB,N,D2
Bi7031cenGeneral microbiology - practical classesB,N,D3
Bi9905Journal club – animal physiology IIB,N2
Bi9912Journal club – immunology IIB,N2
Bi9909Journal club – developmental biology IIB,N2

Department of Geography

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
ZX651Introduction into the study of landforms - on-line, in English6
ZX603Past, Present and Future Changes of the Cryosphere, in English6
ZX602Reconstruction of the past climate and environmental changes from different proxy data, in English6
ZX601Urban climatology, in English6
ZX605Automated Cartographic GeneralizationB,N,D5

Department of Geological Sciences

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
G8861Accessory mineralsB, N, D3
GGems and gemstones
G8711Geological disasters and their risks
G5981Hydrogeological modelling
G7401Hydrogeological research methods
GI241Challenges related to exploration of the ore bodies, in EnglishB, D, N1
G8311Physics of the Earth and geodynamics
G5951Polutants in rock environment
GE501Project works, in EnglishB, N, D30

Department of Chemistry

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
C4465Advanced Organic Synthesis, in EnglishB, N4 + CFC
C9545Chemical Bond Theory, in EnglishN2 + CFC
C8783Ice-Photochemical Group Meeting, in English1
C8500Mechanisms of organic reactions2
C8510Mechanisms of organic reactions - seminar1
C4450Organic chemistry III - synthesis2
C4455Organic chemistry III - synthesis - seminar2

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
MAIBDAAn Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis, in English2 + CFC
M8101An introduction to partial differential equations, in EnglishN3 + CFC
MINVIMathematics - Invited lectures, in English1 + CFC
M7400Problem solving seminar, in English2 + CFC
MC142Seminar from algebra, in English2
MC143Seminar from ordered structures, in English2
M0SRGSub-Riemannian geometry and geometric control theory, in English4
M8250Topics in category theory, in EnglishN2 + CFC

Department of Physical Electronics

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
XS450aCommunication skills training, in EnglishB,N,D2
F7360Characterization of Surfaces and Thin Films, in EnglishB,N,D1 + CFC
FC250Nano- and microtechnologiesB,N,D3 + credita for completion
FB041Seminar on plasma deposition and material characterization, in EnglishB,N,D1
F4280Thin Films Deposition and Surface Modification Technologies, in EnglishB,N, D3 + CFC
F4270Unix, computer networksB,N,D2

Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
FA221Open problems of physics of stellar atmospheres and winds, in English1
FA222Star Clusters, in English1 + CFC

Department  of Chemistry

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
C7830Kapilarní  elektroforesaN,D1
C8824Optimization of Experiments using Experimental Design and Artificial Neural Networks in ScienceN,D

National Centre for Biomolecular Research

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
C896715N NMR Spectroscopy, in English1 + CFC
C99403-Dimensional Transmission Electron Microscopy (3DEM), in English2 + CFC
C7943Bioanalytics II - Laboratory medicine, in EnglishN, D2 + CFC
C9087Computational Chemistry for Structural Biology, in EnglishD2 + CFC
S2008Developmental and cellular biology of plants, in English2 + CFC
S2010Developmental biology, in EnglishN2 + CFC
S1007Doing structural biology with the electron microscope, in EnglishD2 + CFC
S2006Fluorescence methods in life sciences - a journey from molecules to cells, in English2 + CFC
S2007Fluorescence methods in life sciences - practice, in English2 + CFC
S2011Hormones in plant development, in English2 + CFC
C9925Introduction to soft matter models of membranes and proteins, in EnglishD, N2 + CFC
CG980Methods in genomics and proteomics, in EnglishD, N2 + CFC
S2003Methods in plant cytogenetics and cytogenomics II. - practical course, in English2 + CFC
S3002Nanobiotechnology, in English2 + CFC
CC060NCBR seminar, in EnglishN2 + CFC
C6770NMR Spectroscopy of Biomolecules, in EnglishD, N2 + CFC
C6775NMR Spectroscopy of Biomolecules, in EnglishN2 + CFC
C7995Practical NMR Spectroscopy of Biomolecules, in English2 + CFC
C9085Protein-RNA interactions, in EnglishN1 + CFC
C9086Protein-RNA interactions, in EnglishN1 + CFC
C9095RNA metabolism, in EnglishD, N2 + CFC
C4868Science and society, in EnglishB, N, D2 + CFC
C9950Seminar of the Dept. Functional genomics and Proteomics, in EnglishB, D, N2
C8024Separation Methods B, in English2 + CFC
S1005Theoretical Concepts of Biological Magnetic Resonance, in English3 + CFC

Research Centre for Toxic Compounds in the Environment (RECETOX)

CodeCourse nameStudy levelECTS Credits
Bi2003Ecotoxicology, in English2 + CFC
C2003Environmental chemistry, in English2 + CFC
C5911Chromatographic Methods, in EnglishB, N2 + CFC
Bi7441Scientific computing in biology and biomedicine, in English3 + CFC

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