Doctoral Studies

General information about doctoral studies

The Faculty of Science at MU offers 9 quality doctoral programs in 40 accredited fields of study. Unfortunately, only a limited number of students, those who successfully pass the entrance exam, can be accepted.

The doctoral studies program (DSP) is focused on scientific research and independent, creative practical or theoretical work in the area of basic and applied research and development. The main condition for acceptance is properly completed studies under the Masters’ degree programs. The standard period of studies is four years (in accordance with the Law on Institutes of Higher Education 111/1998, and the Regulations for Studies and Examinations), and may be extended to a maximum period of seven years including interruptions. Studies may be taken in on-campus form or a off-campus form. Studies are pursued according to an individual study plan under the guidance of an advisor, and are completed by passing a standard examination and defence of dissertation, usually within 4 years. Graduates are awarded the academic title of “Doctor”, abbreviated to PhD., placed after the name.

Masaryk University provides a number of services for doctoral students: dormitory accommodation, cafeteria meals, sports and cultural activities, and programs for foreign students.

The Faculty of Science does not discriminate among students or employees on the basis of age, gender, physical disability, nationality, race, religion, political persuasion, or membership or function in professional organization.

Forms of doctoral study

It is possible to study doctoral studies in present form or combinated form at the Faculty of Science.

Criteria of present form of study

    • An on-campus student carries out his/her duties at his/her workplace on a daily basis. The student’s studies are in accordance with the Study and Examination Regulations and in accordance with the student’s individual study plan (ISP) which is under control of the student’s supervisor.
    • Students receive a monthly stipend (the amount is determined according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Education by the Dean’s committee) 12 months a year. Students also enjoy other benefits of the student status (accommodation at the dormitory, eating in university cafeterias, discounts for transport)
    • Health and social insurance is paid by the state for full-time students under 26 years of age, see Act No. 155/1995 Coll. The Pension Insurance vapor. 20, paragraph 3
    • The student may have tax reliefs and is entitled to social benefits if they are entitled under the Act (Act No. 155/1995 Coll. the Pension Insurance and Act No. 586/92 Coll. on income tax as amended)

    Criteria of the combined form of study

    • the student is usually employed - he does have a scholarship nor any other benefits of the student status
    • Students also perform their duties in accordance with the Study and Examination Regulations and the individual study plan (ISP). The student is in frequent contact with their supervisor.

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