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Operating regulations of MU Computer Rooms

Directive No. 13/05

According to paragraph 1 of Article 10 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll. on Higher Education Institutions and on Modification and Amendment of Other Acts (the Higher Education Act), I hereby issue this directive:

Article 1

  1. The Masaryk University Computer Room Regulations (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations") determine the manner of use of computer rooms at Masaryk University (hereinafter referred to as "MU"). The provisions of Directive on Publishing Information within the MU Computer Network (No. 5/03) , Directive on MU Computer Network Use (No. 2/03) and Directive on Antivirus Protection of the MU Computer Network (No. 3/04) are in no way affected by the establishment of these Regulations.
  2. For the purposes of these Regulations, an MU computer room (hereinafter referred to as "computer room") is defined as a computer room listed in the MU Computer Room Register (hereinafter referred to as "Register"). The computer rooms are either administered by the faculty, as listed in the Register, or by the MU Institute of Computer Science (hereinafter referred to as "ICS"). The Register is proposed by the director of the ICS and subsequently approved by the rector. Computer rooms managed by an individual faculty are listed in the Register on obtaining the rector's approval.
  3. Computer rooms are used by MU students and employees.
  4. The authority over a given computer room administered by the ICS or an individual faculty is exerted by the director of the ICS or the dean of the given faculty respectively.
  5. Computer room personnel (hereinafter referred to as "personnel") are MU employees entrusted by an authorized person with supervising computer room usage.
  6. The ICS director is responsible for providing professional guidance and methodological staff support.

Article 2
Computer Room Services

  1. Computer room services are provided in accordance with fulfilling MU educational and research objectives.
  2. Computer rooms offer primarily the following services:
    1. access to information resources and services of the MU computer network and the Internet,
    2. access to shared applications installed on computer room workstations,
    3. access to user data,
    4. printing and copying services,
    5. laptop computer stations.
  3. Computer room services are available at least 10 hours per day on weekdays, excluding holidays.
  4. Access to some services provided by computer rooms may be temporarily restricted. Restrictions are determined by an authorized person, personnel may also decide when necessary.

Article 3
Access to Computer Rooms

  1. Users have the right to access any computer room on condition that they have a valid and fully functional identity card issued according to Directive No. 8/03 on MU Identity Cards with them when entering as well as at all times inside the computer room. User access to a computer room may be restricted pursuant to Article 6.
  2. Users are required to respect the rules pertaining to the building housing a given computer room.
  3. Users under the influence of alcohol or narcotic or psychotropic substances are prohibited from entering a computer room.

Article 4
Computer Room User Rights and Obligations

  1. omputer room users have the right to:
    1. make use of computer room services, with the exception of temporary restrictions (cf. paragraph 3 of Article 2 and paragraph 2 of Article 3) or when a user is temporarily prohibited from selected services (cf. Article 6),
    2. access no more than one computer per user during time spent inside the computer room; exceptions may be granted by personnel,
    3. access to technical and methodological assistance as provided by computer room personnel,
    4. appeal to an authorized person against measures taken by computer room personnel,
    5. present suggestions to an authorized person: the vice-rector for studies (students of Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes) or vice-rector for research and development (all other users). Suggestions must be submitted either in written form or by email.
  2. Computer room users are obliged to:
    1. acquaint themselves with the Computer Room Regulations as well as related MU directives and comply with said documents,
    2. follow instructions issued by personnel,
    3. carry out exclusively activities in accordance with the function of the computer room (paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 2), specifically refraining from playing computer games as well as from private (commercial) activities,
    4. refrain from any manner of behaviour which may be seen as disturbing or limiting to other computer room users and/or may disrupt continuous computer room operation,
    5. refrain from any manipulation of technical computer room equipment apart from connecting one's own computer by permitted technical means in designated places,
    6. ensure that their activities in the computer room are not a threat to the MU computer network, especially when connecting one's own computer,
    7. lock computer in use in case of a short absence (max. 10 minutes); long-term locking of a computer is prohibited,
    8. immediately report any incidents disrupting computer room operation to computer room personnel.
  3. Users making use of their own computers connected to the MU computer network are responsible for the operation of such computers.

Article 5

  1. Personnel are entitled to issue instructions ensuring efficient computer room operation. Such instructions come into force once they are made public in the computer room or announced by means of the MU computer network. Computer room personnel are authorized to restrict entry to a computer room in case of overcrowding or impose temporary restrictions on selected services.
  2. Personnel are entitled to take action against individual users and implement measures necessary to ensure compliance with these regulations, other MU directives and instructions according to Article 1.
  3. Personnel are obliged to provide users with information essential for computer room use as well as technical and methodological assistance regarding computer room services.
  4. Personnel are not required to handle issues such as MU student and employee identity card validity nor the technical aspects of identity card functionality. Personnel are authorized to withhold a user's identity card for the period necessary for their identification as well as retaining a card in case of doubts regarding a card holder's legitimacy.

Article 6
Regulation Violation Provisions

  1. Violation of these Regulations, MU directives relevant to computer room operation, instructions issued by personnel (paragraph 1 of Article 5) or disregarding personnel decisions (paragraph 2 of Article) is subject to sanctions as implemented by personnel according to paragraph 2.
  2. Violations according to paragraph 1 constitute grounds for personnel to take the following action against an individual user:
    1. refusal of designated computer room services for a maximum period of one month,
    2. no access to a given computer room for a maximum period of one month,
    3. no access to any computer rooms for a maximum period of one month.
  3. Users subjected to sanctions pursuant to points (a) and (b) of paragraph 2 are entitled to appeal against such a decision to an authorized person. Users subjected to sanctions pursuant to point (c) of paragraph 2 are entitled to appeal against such a decision to the vice-rector for studies (students of Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes), or vice-rector for research and development (all other users). A decision made by the vice-rector is final. Appeals must be submitted either in written form or by email. Appeals do not carry suspensory effect.

Article 7
Joint Provisions

  1. Computer room operation may be monitored by CCTV cameras. Recordings are archived.
  2. The entire text of these Regulations as well as information regarding computer room use must be available in computer rooms as well as published on the official MU website. The authorized person is responsible for publication.

Article 8
Final Provisions

  1. The vice-rector for research and development and the ICS director are responsible for supervising compliance with Computer Room Regulations.
  2. The Computer Room Regulations come into force on 1 September 2005.

Brno, 1 August 2005

Petr Fiala, rector

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