University information system support

Who is an IS-technician?

The duty of an IS-technician is to help the university staff in increasing the level of usage of IS MU. He/she works as a consultant IS MU působí on all departments of the faculty.

You can contact our IS-technicians personally, by phone, or e-mail. We prefer you use e-mail for contacting the IS-technicians.

IS-technician for the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Law is
Bc. Tereza Dřevová ,
Veveří 70, room 117, phone 549 496 842,

Contact address

Enter "(PřF)" in the email subject , např. entering grades (PřF), you will speed up its processing.

A substitute will be present on this address in case of absence of a particular IS-technician.

How can an IS-technician help the teachers and administrative staff?

He can assist the administrative staff and teachers when using IS e.g. with the following applications :

  • Course catalog (templates)
  • Study
  • Admission process
  • Teacher's Notebook – administrative part
  • File Manager (document server, depository, web etc.)
  • Mail, Bulk Mail
  • New applications IS MU or innovations in the existing applications

The Is-technician, on the bases of his/her knowledge in the administrative processes in these applications, will help you in the fallowing way:

  • Training users (in groups)
  • Demonstrating the possible uses of administrative agendas in IS MU
  • Individual consultation
  • E-mail consultation
  • Processes and hands over impulses to the Development Team of IS MU

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